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5 reasons to get OTT marketing strategies from a local company in Connecticut
February 11, 2022 at 7:00 AM
5 reasons to get OTT marketing strategies from a local company in Connecticut

The advertising world has changed significantly over the last decade. The introduction of streaming with mainstream platforms like ESPN and Netflix on devices like the Roku Stick, AppleTV, video game consoles, and more has changed how society watches TV. While cable and satellite providers continue to provide viewers with a traditional television experience, many customers are cutting the cord and switching to streaming platforms.

Companies have had to pivot to OTT marketing strategies in Connecticut to ensure that they keep their brand in front of customers. With help from GeoReach, you can put together a winning OTT strategy to adjust with changing times. If you’re not sure why you should work with a local company for OTT strategy, we have five great reasons you should.

Understands local demographics

As a company that’s staffed and works in your local market, we understand your demographics. We’re often part of the population of people you’re trying to reach with your advertisements. Living in your local market gives us an advantage over other agencies that might operate out of an office in South Florida or even Arizona. We can provide unique insight into some of the most popular devices your target audience is using as well as some of their specific viewing habits.

Know the personas in your area

One thing that’s important to understand with OTT marketing is that there are considered to be five types of people, or personas, who view video content. They are:

Mobile-first viewers: Users who watch videos on social media and streaming services on their mobile devices.

  • Power streamers: Users who primarily view content on streaming services.
  • Highly subscribed: Users who pay for streaming services in addition to cable or satellite TV services.
  • Hybrid adopters: Users similar to highly subscribed users but don’t pay as much for streaming services.
  • Linear TV consumers: Customers who stick to TV services over streaming.

Your local marketing agency will understand how to approach each persona as well as how they fit into your overall approach to OTT marketing.

Know when to run ads

Everybody who watches TV or streams their content has a typical time they turn on their programming. Whether it’s somebody who sits down after work to watch a sporting event each day or another who binge-watches on streaming services late into the night, everybody has their tendencies. What’s more, the people who fit into each group tend to be similar in more ways than one. Your marketing agency will help you evaluate your target demographic to reach them when their watch time is at its peak.

Save on ad costs

By working with a local marketing agency, you can save money on the OTT ads you use. Rather than using a shotgun approach and putting your ads out to as many people as possible, you can run targeted ads that reach only your audience. This approach will save you money on your marketing campaigns as you’re not increasing your budget to accommodate for large geographic regions and generalized ad run times. Understanding your target demographic will narrow the amount of time your ads are run, so they’re not running during peak times that cost more per impression.

Personalize your message

As you work to reach your audience, there’s a specific tone or message you want to convey to your customers. For instance, speaking to customers in the Northeast won’t be nearly as appealing if you address them like they live in the South. Not only is this annoying, but it can feel disingenuous. You can effectively personalize your message toward customers without sounding like you’re trying too hard.

Schedule a call for more

You can learn more about OTT marketing strategies in Connecticut by getting in touch with us at GeoReach. We’ll help you build your OTT strategy in a way that will effectively reach your target audience. Schedule your call by sending a message via our online contact form today. You can also call our office at 203-816-1574 for more information.