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3 Ways OTT Advertising Helps Small Businesses
May 8, 2022 at 11:30 PM
Image of someone pointing at a computer, showing the ROI when you use OTT advertising in Bridgeport, CT.

As a small business, every dollar you put into your marketing budget matters. If it doesn’t provide a significant return on investment, then you need to change your strategy. Bringing a hyperlocal approach to advertising enables audience targeting to increase the conversion rate. Over-the-top or OTT advertising is one strategy small businesses can employ to reach their specific audience without the high costs of traditional television advertising.

What is OTT advertising?

Over-the-top advertising is streamed directly to consumers using internet-connected devices and televisions. You can bypass traditional network television to reach audiences uninhibited by conventional television providers.

Small businesses can reach their audiences directly, without being confined by network scheduling or geography, across services such as Amazon Prime, Hulu, and more. Forbes predicts that spending on OTT advertising will grow to over $14 billion in the next year.

How can OTT advertising help small businesses?

Instead of spending a lot of money on marketing that isn’t optimized for your audience, use over-the-top advertising for your small businesses and enjoy these benefits.

Increase brand awareness.

Not all of your marketing needs to focus on sales. Introducing yourself to your audience is essential for new or small businesses. OTT advertising allows small businesses to express authentic representations of their brand. Hyperlocal advertising is an ideal basis for forming emotional connections with future customers.

OTT marketing lets you tell your brand’s story––when an audience is already engaged with streaming content. You can introduce your brand through a strong, authentic narrative, whether you’re a new organization, recently rebranded, or want to expand your audience.

Expand your reach.

Geography doesn’t restrict OTT advertising, and businesses don’t have to choose between nationwide and local campaigns. OTT advertising offers an ideal solution for those without a brick-and-mortar location by allowing them to designate specific areas where they want to advertise. You can grow your audience a city or state at a time, expanding your brand’s reach without a substantial, wasteful ad spend.

Traditional television advertising comes with high costs, with your messaging reaching many people outside of your intended audience. OTT offers a different kind of marketing, providing the benefits of television advertising without the most significant downsides.

Target your audience.

With hyperlocal advertising, you can get extremely specific with your intended audience, selecting who sees your marketing by:

  • Demographics such as age, location, household income, education
  • The time at which they’re streaming
  • Location
  • Values
  • Buyer behavior

Consumers expect personalization as standard service; when you can target an audience as individuals, you’re better poised to make an emotional connection with them.

This kind of targeting maximizes your marketing budget by focusing on individuals in your desired audience.

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Combine traditional marketing with OTT and hyperlocal strategies.

You don’t have to choose between a traditional marketing strategy and a hyperlocal or OTT one. A skilled advertising firm will work with you to develop a custom strategy that optimizes your budget using several different services, including OTT and:

  • Connected TVs
  • GeoFencing
  • GeoTargeting
  • Email Marketing

A skilled digital marketing firm will get to know your business and your marketing goals and customize their strategy recommendations to meet them.

GeoReach works with small businesses in Bridgeport, CT, to provide OTT advertising.

GeoReach specializes in helping small businesses make the most of their advertising budget. You can maximize your ROI with a strategy customized to your business, industry, and goals. Our team brings backgrounds in telecommunications, internet technology, and digital marketing. Because of our diverse expertise and creative approaches, we can offer unparalleled strategies to our clients.

Contact GeoReach for a novel approach to your marketing, including OTT advertising in Bridgeport, CT.