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GeoReach’s expert guide: Geofencing for lawyers in Connecticut
July 6, 2022 at 7:00 AM
An area of a city that geofencing can help lawyers target.

For attorneys, there is no shortage of competition, and the key to rising above other law firms is beating them to the marketing punch. While there are several essential marketing strategies law firms must employ to maximize their reach, none are as efficient or effective as geofencing. Here is why geofencing for lawyers is so crucial:

What is geofencing?

Geofencing targets people using devices by delivering high-impact targeted marketing messages that capitalize on location-based marketing.

Geofencing enables you to deliver hyper-specific messaging in real-time to prospective customers by placing virtual fences around real-world locations. When users enter designated areas, you can interact with them directly to deliver an optimized marketing message.

Geofencing is essentially like carving out a piece of a map, targeting specific areas, and adjusting parameters. Virtually everyone uses phones and location data for their GPS to find nearby services and update social media feeds with real-time information. This kind of data is critical to capitalize on.

Geofencing displays ads on pages and search engines that bring users directly to specific landing pages to generate leads and ideally conversions. Geofencing is also essential to nurturing leads until they become conversions.

What does geofencing do for lawyers?

Geofencing is incredibly useful for attorneys and enables them to target specific users far more likely to convert, which is invaluable with such fierce industry competition.

Using the right search terms in conjunction with targeted locations turns your marketing into a highly efficient machine. In a study, consumers offered insights into how far they are willing to travel to consult with a lawyer or law firm:

  • 41% would travel up to 30 miles.
  • 34% would travel up to 15 miles.
  • 19% would travel up to 60 miles.
  • 6% would travel up to 120 miles.

Targeting areas within the right radius enables lawyers to maximize their marketing ROI. Conversely, just because someone is in the right location doesn’t mean they are a promising lead. Geofencing also enables lawyers to exclude devices and users from advertising.

Using ‘door count sessions,’ you can detect users who visit your site multiple times a day or week but never convert to exclude them from your targeted marketing, so you only expose your ads to genuine leads.

Picking the right location

To maximize the benefits of geofencing for lawyers, picking the right location depends on your practice. Consider where clients first begin to search for legal help.

For example, for personal injury attorneys, places like medical facilities and specifically waiting areas and emergency rooms are prime locations to target, as are clinics, physical therapist offices, therapist offices, chiropractor’s offices, and auto body repair or collision shops.

Still, you should implement creative strategizing by targeting less obvious places like nursing homes, intersections that cause accidents, plants or factories, amateur sports arenas, and recreational facilities. For other attorneys, the line of thinking is the same.

Estate and wills lawyers should target higher-income individuals by geofencing concert halls, country clubs, and affluent neighborhoods, divorce lawyers should geofence family counseling offices, and real estate attorneys should geofence areas experiencing rapid development.

Schedule a call to learn how our geofencing services can help you

In an industry as competitive as the legal services industry, you must capitalize on every possible competitive advantage. To attract viable clients, effective marketing strategies are invaluable, which makes geofencing crucial for lawyers. At Georeach, we are the leading digital marketing agency in Connecticut. We can help your law firm tap into location data to leverage geofencing and put yourself ahead of the competition. We always take the time to get to know clients to devise creative strategies tailored to their unique needs. Schedule a call to learn more about how geofencing can help you.