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GeoReach’s guide: Answering FAQs about GeoFencing marketing
June 8, 2021 at 7:00 AM
A pair of round-rimmed glasses on a notepad in front of a keyboard, with a blurred pen and mouse in the background. GeoFencing marketing turn every small business' size into an advantage.

As a business, adapting to technological advancements is essential. Failing to integrate innovations is nothing short of a death sentence. If you’re a small business interested in integrating the latest, cutting-edge advertising practices, GeoFencing marketing is crucial. However, it can be daunting to understand these advancements. Luckily, with GeoReach, you’re in expert hands. We marry creativity, tailored solutions, and unrivaled experience to create campaigns that enable small businesses to compete and succeed well above their weight class.

Here are 3 FAQs about GeoFencing:

What is GeoFencing?

For the uninitiated, GeoFencing marketing is a foreign, abstract concept. However, implementing it effectively requires understanding precisely what it is.

GeoFencing advertising provides an effective, efficient way to target consumers on a hyper-specific local level. As a small business, you simply don’t have the reach of bigger companies. GeoFencing compensates for that by supplying you with the Midas Touch.

GeoFencing increases brand awareness and conversions in your area or a virtual perimeter using GPS technology. When it’s detected that a mobile device has entered your ‘virtual fence,’ this technology automatically starts displaying ads directly to that phone.

By using software and communicating with location-based services, GeoFencing is a unique opportunity to level the playing field. At GeoReach, we help small businesses pack a big punch.

What are the best uses of GeoFencing marketing?

GeoFencing advertising has a broad range of applications:

Custom advertising

With access to precisely where your customers are, where they’re going to be, and other analytics, GeoFencing enables you to create custom, tailored messaging for each specific user.

Supplementing traditional approaches

As an ancillary resource, GeoFencing is a prime strategy to supplement your traditional reach.

Competitive conquering

Another excellent aspect of GeoFencing marketing, competitive conquering enables you to advertise near a competitor’s location. Advertising on their turf can be incredibly effective.

Imagine there’s a long wait-time at a competitor’s store. Using GeoFencing, you can advertise directly to the people waiting that you offer shorter wait times and superior service.

Location and relevancy

GeoFencing enables you to employ high-impact advertising in real-time. Suppose someone is riding a bus and analytics suggests they’d be interested in your service.

You can, in turn, market your service directly to them and let them know it’s a short trek away. It may not generate conversions instantly, there’s a high probability they’ll return to do business.

Ultimately, your goal should be to get the right information in front of a primed audience at the most opportune time. At GeoReach, we turn every moment into an opportunity.

How big should my targeting radius be?

When considering GeoFencing marketing, remember these strategies and approaches are unique to each business and its respective circumstances.

Firstly, as a general rule, you can GeoFence any location. You can also make your target radius as big or small as you want. For example, you can target a specific street or address, or you can target an entire zip code. It’s advisable to establish parameters that aren’t too big or too small.

If it’s too small, not enough people will enter the GeoFence for you to target. If it’s too big, your ad won’t appeal to most of those who see it, which means it will lose vital relevancy.

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If you’re a small business ready to take big steps forward, GeoFencing marketing is the perfect strategy to give you an edge. Luckily, at GeoReach, our experience, creativity, and innovative technology enable us to empower you. We help small businesses all across Connecticut realize their potential through tailored solutions. Schedule a call now! Whether you’re a featherweight or middleweight, we’ll make you a heavyweight contender.