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A Beginner’s Guide to Geo-Targeted Advertising
April 22, 2022 at 11:30 PM
Image of a small business owner using geotargeting advertising in Bridgeport, CT.

The internet, smart devices, and geolocation have changed the way companies advertise. The days of swollen marketing budgets wasting money advertising to a broad audience with few prospects are over. Now, businesses can streamline their marketing strategy to target their audience and maximize the ROI. If you haven’t used geomarketing before, here’s a beginner’s guide to understanding how to use geo-targeting for advertising in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

What is geo-targeted advertising?

What sets geo-targeted advertising apart from traditional marketing is the incorporation of geographic location into the strategy. An audience’s location affects whether or not they see messages from a business. Geomarketing uses location-based technology to reach prospects at the most opportune moment to become customers.

Because businesses can specify their audience based on location, they avoid wasting parts of their budget by putting their message in front of people who aren’t local.

Common types of location-based marketing

There are several different types of location-based advertising. Most businesses incorporate several into their marketing strategy to reach prospects in various ways.

  • GeoFencing: restricts messaging to mobiles users, tablets, and computers within a set radius of a central location.
  • Geo-Targeting: hone in on specific criteria for your audience, including demographics, location, and interests.
  • Connected TV: reach customers who watch primarily streaming services
  • OTT: over-the-top advertising that bypasses traditional tv providers to deliver messaging right to consumers.

An advertising firm that’s adept at using geomarketing strategies can optimize your budget with the services that make the most sense for your business and your budget.

Benefits of geo-targeted advertising

When you establish your marketing budget for the quarter, you may wonder how geo-targeted advertising can benefit your business. One of the biggest wastes in any marketing budget is messaging outside your desired audience. The most substantial benefit of geo-targeting advertising is streamlining your marketing strategy.

Improve local SERP ranking

Two factors search engines consider when ranking local businesses are relevance and timeliness. When you use geo-targeted advertising, your marketing remains evergreen and relevant to current searches. Staying at the top of the results page has a significant impact on transforming prospects into customers. While your business may not rank nationally in the top five results, you’ll be first for your local audience.

Get improved data about prospects and customers

Understanding audience behavior helps you get even more specific with your advertising to improve your advertising ROI. The data you get from geo-targeting includes:

  • Peak times customers visit your store
  • Message effectiveness
  • Customer stay durations
  • When customers are near your business

By combining the data from geomarketing with your Google Analytics, you get quantitative data about your customers.


Tailor offers and deals to specific audiences

The more information you have about your prospects, the better you can customize your messaging, offers, and even products to your audience and their shopping behavior.

Instead of paying for instant feedback surveys in addition to marketing, you can use the information from your geo-targeted advertising for unparalleled insight into your prospects.

Cost-effective marketing strategies

Advertising to too broad of an audience is one of the major factors that can drag down your ROI. Geo-targeting advertising generates cost-effective marketing strategies. Advertisers can select specific demographics, behaviors and interests, and even locations.

GeoReach provides advanced geo-targeted advertising solutions in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

The GeoReach team brings together diverse backgrounds in telecommunications, internet technology, and digital marketing. We provide informed insights to our clients and marketing strategies that deliver ROI. By combining advanced technology with proven advertising techniques, we get our clients in front of the ideal audience for turning prospects into customers. You don’t have to struggle to create results from location-based marketing on your own. Partner with GeoReach to make the most of your advertising budget with quarterly growth.

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